I really tried to take a different approach to this essay in comparison to my earlier writings. Here, I was able to get more personal, and less technical. This gave me the drive to be creative and voice what was important to me. I knew that if I wanted to talk about organ donations, it was going to hit close to home, so I tried to do it in a way that would not encourage the reader to pity me or my family, because that would miss the point completely. My point was to get the reader to question everything that goes on in their lives and make a reflective conclusion that answers why don’t we take certain steps to help others? My essay is literally my thought process in regards to the topic. In my own reflection, I considered all of the questions I brought up, I did all of the research, and I just so happened to have the driving force of my sister to sway my personal conclusion. I learned a lot about myself by the end of my essay. I learned that these questions I encourage everyone to ask themselves are easier written than done. Reflection can be difficult because in moments of contemplation we find truths about ourselves we might have feared to discover. On the other hand we find the courage to fight and passion we didn’t know we could contain. While I might have answered these questions easily in regard to the topic of organ donation, I’m compelled to apply them to other topics that require selflessness such as volunteer work, aid missions, etc. Basically, in my reflection, I’ve obligated myself to be a better person. Though it is a lot of pressure—because with every occurrence of my decision-making, I realize more and more that I am not perfect—I want to inspire others to take the infinitesimally small, yet mysteriously profound, step of self-reflection in the hope that we find qualities to work on so that we can improve collectively. 
               Throughout the semester in my Composition 105 course, I feel I have growth as a writer and analytic, creative thinker. I started out this year with a good start, my essays graded fairly well. But as the weeks progressed I was able to learn more about different styles of writing and how, when analyzing a passage or book, there are an infinite amount of topics to cover and dissect. It’s a matter of what’s most important and relevant to the audience of your paper. As I go on in college and life after college, and encounter more writing classes or assignments, I plan to take what I learned in Comp 105 to maximize my overall potential as an analytic, creative writer. I hope to produce relevant works that inspire people to dig a little deeper, and to think a little differently, so that we can better society as a whole.

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