Who Might Be Affected By My Donation?

          There are three main persons who may be affected if you choose to donate an organ. One of them being the recipient. If the transplant is a success and the organ functions in place of what they lacked, you will have given the recipient a new chance at life. With health on their side, they can live happy, productive lives, helping themselves as well as others. If in the case you sign to donate after death, your family will most likely not be affected physically by your donation because regardless of donation or not, you’d still be dead. They’d have to deal with the emotional pain of your loss inevitably, so having some of your organs removed wouldn’t change the fact that, ultimately, it was your soul that departed. If they chose to have an open casket funeral for you, they would be looking at the body with as little signs of disturbance as surgically possible. Transplantation often leaves easily concealable scars so your family would be able to look at you, their loved one, as they remember you. Emotionally your family might be affected positively in the consolation that a part of you lives on in others, had you donated an organ. Knowing that a piece of you, in the form of an organ, lives on in someone who needed it might give your family a piece of mind, knowing that you’ve passed-on with a final act of goodness. It would bring them pride that you’ll be a part of every triumph and charity the transplant recipient achieves with their new lease on life. Finally, you’d be affected consciously, dying with the peace of knowing your last act on earth potentially saved lives. Physically, you would not be affected further since you’d already be dead.

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